Note: This guide is still a work in progress

Welcome to the FHIR Implementation Guide of the Medical Intelligence initiative. This guide explains how to use the FHIR API of the data platforms in the participating hospitals.


The purpose of this guide is to describe use cases and provide technical guidance on how to use the FHIR API implemented on top of a "Medical Intelligence data platform". This guide outlines the FHIR models (also known as resources or profiles) involved in these use cases. Moreover, this guide provides a textual explanation of these data models and describes their relationship and boundaries.


The main target audience of this guide are software developers and researchers who want to retrieve data from one or multiple dataplatforms provided by the academic hospitals within the medical intelligence initiative.

Users of this guide are expected to be familiar with the FHIR specification and resource processing. This guide provides links to relevant sections of the FHIR specification. This implementation guide is not intended to be a tutorial on that subject.

Table of Contents