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Services for Person information in Healthcare

Version 2.3.5
Publish date 2020-04-02
Last bugfix 2021-02-02
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Notes about this release This release is a minor change to the 2.2.4 version released 2020-04-02. Fixes several CodeSystem/ValueSet naming errors in the original model and removes version numbers from CodeSystem/ValueSet URL's
Notes about this bugfix This is a bugfix release to fix bugs introdused by Skatteetaten in in FREG information model v3.0. This release is according to v3.1 of FREG information model released 2021-01-25.


The necessary prerequisites to access the distribution platform is described in a separate guide. (This guide is currently describing the prerequisites for the old PREG platform, a new link will be available soon).

Please read the Readers Guide and RESTful FHIR for general information about RESTful FHIR and conformance definitions for the guide.


The services for Person information distributes information from the modernized version of Norway's Master Person Index, produced by Skatteetaten, to Healthcare providers in Norway. The Master Person Index contains demographic information describing citizens of Norway and persons with a legal right to stay in Norway for a limited time including immigrants and asylum seekers. This implementation guide describes how consumers of person information (aka client systems) can integrate their systems to consume information from the Master Person Index.


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Figure 1: Distribution platform for Core Data, the grey boxes signifies components that can be included in future development of the platform

An overview of the Distribution platform for core data including master person index is depicted in Figure 1. This includes producers of information, the master person index of Norway being the most comprehensive that provides most demographic data about Norwegian citizens. The data is read by the Distribution platform for healthcare which distributes this information, and information from other sources, to all healthcare information systems, named Consumers of Master Person Index in the figure (aka client systems).

This Implementation Guide describes the interface provided by the distribution platform, depicted by the red arrow in Figure 1. The guide describes three main parts of the interface:

  • HL7 FHIR based information model for information distributed by the platform
  • supported REST transactions for accessing the information
  • security requirements for autorization and authentication of the client systems
  • How to access test-systems for the Distribution platform

The flow of information in the interface is primarily from the Distribution platform to the client systems. However the implementation of the interface is REST based, and consumers are expected to pull the information from the Distribution platform using the provided of REST transactions.

The guide covers all use-cases supported by the platform for accessing Master Person Index information. The three main use cases are:

  • Read person information
  • Search for person information
  • Read change information (Provenance)

A quick overview of the three main use-cases is given in the Use cases chapter of this guide.


Who should read this?

  • Organizations in the Norwegian health care sector that relies on master person index information about Norwegian citizens
  • Software vendors delivering software products to Norwegian health care sector