The following demo was presented at the IHE Connecathon 2020, Computable Care Guidelines track held in January in Cleveland, OH. The complete presentation can be found here:

The demo is based on the premise of a shared helath record and has three actors and three systems

  1. Oscar EMR which serves as the primary care software which Dr. Kiki Bambrick and Jose interact directly or indirectly with
  2. The FHIR Server which has the shared helath record which interacts with the EMR and other other external services
  3. The Radiologist Dr. Manual Wu who interacts with the CAP form that indirectly leverages other technology services and populates data to the FHIR server

Entering of symptoms

Dr. Bambrick takes notes of Jose's symptoms and enters them into the sysmtem. The system based on the sysmptoms recommends enrolling Jose in the Lung Cance Diagnosis Computable Care Guideline. Dr. Bambrick decides if this is appropriate and enrolls Jose accordingly.

Enrolling Jose and guideline recommendation

After Jose is enrolled, the guideline is set into motion and based on his symptoms, the guideline suggests a low dose chest CT scan. This results in a FHIR ServiceRequest for the procedure.

Filling out of CAP form and use of external services

The low dose chest CT is carried out and Dr. Manual Wu fills out the report. The report is then sent to a service that decouples the data in to FHIR Observations and populates the share helath record. This pattern is based on the IHE SDC on FHIR project. Jose has a score of Lung Rads - 4B

Notification of results

Dr. Bambrick is notified that the chest CT has been completed and they are reviewed with Jose.