This document aims to describe the interoperable data export format used by Liva Diabetes (Liva Healthcare GmbH) as a DiGA (Digital health applications) in Germany.
Liva Diabetes is a digital behaviour change programme that offers tertiary prevention for people, living with Type 2 Diabetes, to change their lifestyle and thereby reduce health risks associated with diabetes. The aim is to give the user an engaging digital application that provides them with insights into their habits, assistance in how to change habits, and learning materials that help them sustain their new behaviours after the end of the programme.

Scope and Disclaimer

This document describes the interoperable data export of Liva Diabetes as a Diga in Germany. The data export format explained here follows the same basic principles and applies to all present and future DiGA products developed by Tired of Cancer. For interoperable export, Liva Diabetes relies on the FHIR® standard published by HL7®. Liva Diabetes follows the openly published FHIR® Specification v4.0.1: R4 and generates a valid json file as export. The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a standardized, open, text-based format for displaying structured data.


This implementation and its specifications are intended to enable other manufacturers of digital products to further process a patient's data recorded in the Liva Diabetes app through a machine-readable, interoperable format.

Data Export

Patients can export relevant data as a single json file. For this purpose, the FHIR® Bundle resource is used to contain the FHIR resources Patient and Observation. Details can be found