This Implementation Guide describes the semantic profile in which Kaia Health applications can provide utilization data in an interoperable format, according to ยงยง 5 and 6 DiGAV.


For interoperability, all Kaia Health applications generate a valid, machine-readable json file as export whose structure follows the FHIR Specification v4.0.1: R4 published by HL7.


The data export is only accessible via the export function available in the Kaia apps.


The data collected during the usage of the apps by the user include:

  • Demographic data (age, gender)
  • Communication data (first name, email)
  • Medical history data (pain area, degree and duration of pain, sleep level)
  • Therapy data (exercise feedback, activity frequency log, exercise history, courses of treatment, periodical checkup log)


The FHIR Bundle resource is used to contain the FHIR resources Patient, Observation, DiagnosticReport, and CarePlan.

For details: