The purpose of the PrescribeIT® Message Specification "package" is to provide the technical guidelines, business rules and processes that Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Pharmacy Management System (PMS) vendors must adhere to in order to become compliant with the PrescribeIT® service. This package contains the core specifications that must be implemented by the vendor in order to integrate and complete the conformance process with the PrescribeIT® service.

There are two main areas of the PrescribeIT® Message Specification and Implementation Guide package; the PrescribeIT® specification which provides details on the FHIR clinical messaging (electronic prescription and renewals) and the Shared Health specification which provides details for communicating with PrescribeIT®, including the API specification, Provider Registry and Polling messages. It is expected that implementers also familiarize themselves with the core FHIR specification on which the PrescribeIT® FHIR messages are based. Links to pertinent FHIR materials are found within this specification.

This online PrescribeIT® Specification and Guide must be used in conjunction with the functional requirements that are provided to the EMR and PMS vendors separately vis the PrescribeIT® Portal.


The specifications provided are intended for software vendors wishing to modify their systems to send, receive and respond to the PrescribeIT® messages. The targeted audience is the technical team who will use the implementation specifications to develop and incorporate this message set into their application in order to facilitate electronic prescription submission.