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Operations Resource HTTP Verb
Operation #1 e.g. Bundle e.g POST or GET
Operation #2 e.g. Bundle GET, POST


Actor Description Application Example
e.g. Patient Summary Document Source Example description -- An Ontario Patient Summary Document Source is the producer and submitter of Patient Summary documents, conformant to this specification, and document metadata. e.g. EMR, HIS
Actor #2 Description of actor #2 example of actor #2
Actor #n Description of actor #n example of actor #n


Resources are the building blocks of the FHIR standard. These resources convey the content of clinical records, identify patients or practitioners, or otherwise support information exchange between systems. These resources have been developed by numerous working groups at HL7, based on members' experience and subject expertise. The elements defined within FHIR resources are intended to capture and support those elements that 80% of implementers of a given resource are expected to support. Less frequently implemented elements are supported through FHIR's extensibility mechanisms. The list of all available resources in the R4 FHIR standard can be found here.

The base FHIR resources profiled / used in the Ontario Patient Summary are:

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