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Ontario Patient Summary Release 1 is the simplest form and data set for a patient summary that clinicians would consider valuable for use. Release 1 includes clinically relevant information about a patient’s health which could be used to inform and support patient care in many clinical settings. Its content was selected from the International Patient Summary standard in consultation with clinicians. Please refer to Figure 1 for a list of included data categories. Future Patient Summary releases will include additional data categories based on clinicians’ priorities for expanded clinical use. "Required", "Recommended", and "Optional" in the diagram below refer to the status of these sections within the International Patient Summary specification, not their status within the Ontario Patient Summary.

Figure 1: International Patient Summary Composition and Inclusion Status for Ontario Patient Summary Release 1

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Applying the Ontario Patient Summary HL7 FHIR IG

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Ontario Health will be establishing the Ontario Patient Summary HL7 FHIR IG as an interoperability specification under Ontario’s Digital Health Information Exchange (DHIEX) framework.

The following information is provided in accordance with section 28 of O. Reg. 329/04 made under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), 2004.

Date on which the specification becomes effective:
  • To be determined
Name, description, or class of Health Information Custodians that must select, develop, or use digital health assets that comply with the specification:
  • Health Information Custodians who create/maintain/view patient summary documents
Types of digital health assets to which the specification applies:
  • Digital health assets used by Health Information Custodians for the above purpose
Circumstances, if any, when a Health Information Custodian may be exempted from the requirement to select, develop or use digital health assets that comply with the specification:
  • None