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Revision History

v x.x.x dd/mm/yyyy Summary of changes e.g. 'Draft for provincial open review'
v x.x.x dd/mm/yyyy Add detailed itemized summary of changes post initial provincial review and approval e.g. Updated value set and examples of MedicationDispense.category to distinguish between dispenses of drugs/devices and pharmacy services.
Updated mime format from “json+fhir” & “xml+fhir” to “fhir+json” & “fhir+xml” (FHIR DSTU2 to STU3 change).
Updated sorting syntax from “:desc” qualifier to “-“ prefix (STU3 change).
Updated Patient Id search parameter from patient:patient.identifier to patient.identifier.
Changed whenandedover search parameter to lowercase (the element is still whenHandedOver in the resource).
Added a note that DetectedIssue.implicated is not used in the current release.
Added a note that DetectedIssue.severity (for DetectedIssue-dur-message-nms profile) is not used in the current release.
Relaxed cardinality of MedicationDispense.performer from 1..2 to 0..2 to accommodate dispense records where pharmacy is unknown, e.g. HNS Receipt.
Updated RelatedPerson.relationship.text element to be used for Extended Family or Sibling (previously only Extended Family)
Updated section title for to Patient Demographics Profile, to match the profile name