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Official URL http://hl7.org/fhir/us/core/ImplementationGuide/hl7.fhir.us.core Version: 6.1.0
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Used by permission of HL7 International, all rights reserved Creative Commons License


This is a demonstration Implementation Guide using the HL7 FHIR Guide Template in the Simplifier IG editor.

This guide is just for demonstration purposes.


This Implementation Guide template is built by layering on top the three different IG templates that are mentioned by the Guidance for FHIR IG Creation Implementation Guide. The are described below.

Inspiration can be taken from the US Core Implementation Guide.

IG Template Base

GitHub - HL7/ig-template-base

This template includes all of the scripts, layouts, etc. to produce an HL7-style implementation guide. However, it does not include the HL7 or FHIR logos. It is intended to serve as a base for most non-HL7 IG publications

IG Template HL7

GitHub - HL7/ig-template-hl7

This template inherits from the fhir.base.template and adds in the HL7 logo, a generic HL7 color scheme and some HL7-specific rules.

IG Template FHIR

GitHub - HL7/ig-template-fhir

This template inherits from the hl7.base.template and adds in the FHIR product family logo and color scheme.

Simplifier IG Template Management

Described here: Customizable IG design — Simplifier.net documentation

Possible improvements


  • Add JS files instead of in-lining in template (Solved in official template)

Variables to be (captured and) exposed as (template) widget

  • Scope name and version: Package id & package version/Project urlkey & current
  • ❗ Scope (download) link
  • Jurisdiction code/name/flag
  • Current year (for copyright)
  • ❗ Publisher name and URL
  • Release label/status
  • ❗ Publish box
    • Dynamic widget, even updated (find replace) in published guides: This is/isn't latest, latest is Y, see here for all versions.
  • Date generated
  • Align guide version in settings (and widget) with current/published guide version


  • Table of contents for headings in current page
  • ❗ Automatic Table of Contents page OR Use pagelink in Master Template to TOC page?
  • ❗⏳ Add link to QA page / Issues page / Report an issue
    • Widget to show link to Issues tab of project if author wants? (needs to be accessible for consumer)
  • ❗ Add link to guide version history
    • On guide version history: Link to package + release notes
    • Can be done with guide-urlkey widget.
  • Add link to search within guide
    • Support for searching in private guide
    • Public can be done with guide-urlkey widget.
  • Breadcrumbs

CSS alignment

  • Align menu widget with CSS
  • Align page (with children?) CSS to stay in boundaries
  • ❗ Automatic heading-numbering-offset based on page hierarchy and order
    • Or configure in front matter
  • Support for next/previous?


  • Should we add page title to template (consistency) or default content?
  • User should know to start at H2/H3
  • Apply CSS in preview window?
  • Show tables in preview window
  • FQL formatting
    • Optionally remove table around single value
    • Optionally show single column as bulleted list or comma-separated string.
    • Use as single cell text string in a sentence?
  • Can't use tabs or fql in another set of tabs (US Core Patient page)
    • Can work around with include page
  • Define custom parameters, to pass on to a template page (e.g. to make resource details table)


  • Can't reach Guide Versions from IG editor