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This guide describes a standardized message and method for exchanging LaboratoryTestResults. A detailed use case describes the information exchange on a functional, semantic (non-technical) level. For this, the information layer comprises standardized clinical building blocks (CBB) defined by The technical design provides an interface specification using FHIR. It standardizes the exchange method and representation of LaboratoryTestResults in FHIR using profiles.

This generic standardization for exchanging LaboratoryTestResults may be used or redefined by more specific use cases. For example, a use case can apply this guide while restricting it to only one category or type of LaboratoryTestResults.


The audience for this document includes laboratory vendors, software developers, and implementers with reporting capabilities within their electronic health record (EHR) systems; developers and analysts in sending (laboratory) institutions; and local, regional, and national health information exchange networks who need to exchange LaboratoryTestResults according to this specification.

Business analysts and policy managers can also benefit from a basic understanding of the use of FHIR profiles across multiple implementation use cases.


The specification herewith documented is a draft working specification, and may not be used for any implementation purposes. This draft is provided without warranty of completeness or consistency, and the official publication supersedes this draft. No liability can be inferred from the use or misuse of this specification, or its consequences.