GP Connect Prescription Management FHIR PFS

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This Implementation Guide is the GP Connect PFS Prescription Management FHIR API.

Design overview

Resource Library

Action Resources Further information
Creating a prescription request UKCore-Task For this action, use a UKCore-Task that has a focus of a UKCore-MedicationRequest with intent of plan.
Cancelling a prescription request No resource is used To cancel a prescription request a JSON Patch is used.
Viewing medication UKCore-Bundle containing: UKCore-MedicationStatement where each is based on a: UKCore-MedicationRequest with intent of plan. When viewing a Medication the information will be returned in a Searchset bundle containing MedicationStatements where each must have a reference to a MedicationRequest in the basedOn element.
View prescription reorder requests UKCore-Bundle containing: UKCore-Task When viewing prescription reorder requests a bundle containing Task resource's are returned.

GP Connect Presciption Management FHIR API

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