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What you are currently look at is both an example of a full Implementation Guide, and the website with Exercises on how to build and publish Implementation Guides and FHIR Packages with Simplifier.net.

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This publication contains a demonstration set of specifications for Immunization with and Adverse Event Reporting around a COVID-19 Vaccine.

There is also an overview of the projects and motivation for the specifications.

The top menu allows quick navigation to the different sections, and a Table of Contents is provided with the entire content of this Implementation Guide. (Be aware that some pages have multiple tabs).

Intellectual Property Considerations

While this implementation guide and the underlying FHIR are licensed as public domain, this guide includes examples making use of terminologies such as LOINC, SNOMED CT and others which have more restrictive licensing requirements. Implementers should make themselves familiar with licensing and any other constraints of terminologies, questionnaires, and other components used as part of their implementation process. In some cases, licensing requirements may limit the systems that data captured using certain questionnaires may be shared with.


The specification herewith documented is a demo working specification, and may not be used for any implementation purposes. This draft is provided without warranty of completeness or consistency, and the official publication supersedes this draft. No liability can be inferred from the use or misuse of this specification, or its consequences.

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