Care Event Notifications FHIR Master Patient Index Load

Customers use FHIR® messages to provide Surescripts their member roster of patients that have given consent to be populated in the Surescripts Care Event Notifications Master Patient Index (MPI). Surescripts uses that data from the customer to establish uniqueness for individuals across all customers. Surescripts’ search process uses demographics to identify a patient and then uses the customer’s unique member ID to communicate with the requesting and responding locations.

Some things to consider with the Care Event Notifications FHIR MPI messages:

  • To load patients to the Care Event Notifications MPI, customers will use the FHIR Patient resource profile created by Surescripts.

  • The message will be a POST with only a Patient FHIR payload.

  • Surescripts supports JSON and XML messages.

  • HTTP headers are required.

  • Surescripts uses the Active field in the FHIR Patient resource to determine whether to set the expiration date for sharing the patient:

    • Active = true: Indicates the patient can be shared (MPI expiration date should be null/empty).
    • Active = false: Indicates the patient cannot be shared (MPI expiration date should be set to the system date).
    • Active = empty: FHIR processing will default to false and the patient will be inactivated (MPI expiration date will be set to the system date)
    • Note: If the patient opts out of information sharing from a specific customer, they should be excluded or inactivated from the CEN Notifications MPI.

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