The Welsh Results and Reporting Service (WRRS) was designed to centralise devolved health authority data for the benefit af an All Wales view of patient data. The WRRS, for its initial two years was solely focused on results reporting. All requests are created either on paper or in the health authority itself.

Test Requesting (TRRR - Test Requests and Result Reporting)

TRRR is the devolved databases that make up electronic requesting and the localised results reporting. The WRRS contains TRRR data service brokered into what is called the Orders schema.

Electronic Test Requesting (ETR)

ETR was first implemented into WRRS for Radiology in 2019. A user, logged in to the Welsh Clinical Portal (WCP) can create a radiology request that will be persisted in the WRRS database. Histopathology (Cellular pathology) is currently in the pipeline to be the next electronic test requesting specialty with pathology being implemented soon after. On completion of pathology the TRRR systems will be decommissioned.

Paper Requests

Paper requests are exactly what you would expect. A request, made on a paper form, to be carried around by the patient and handed in to whatever receptionist who can process the request. Not efficient and not traceable. These paper requests will cause an electronic result from the laboratory and radiology systems. Key data from an electronic request would be the placer of the request and the date and time of the request. Other useful data would be the specimen and container information. This data is lost by the time it gets to the laboratory systems. For he purpose of FHIR, the ability to correctly populate a resource becomes overly challenging.

Reporting Specialties

Pathology is the most prevalent of the results in the WRRS. Pathology covers many departmental areas

  • Blood Sciences (BSC)
  • Bio-Chemistry (CHM)
  • Immunology (IMM)
  • Microbiology MIC)
  • Histopathology (HIS)
  • Haematology
  • Screening
  • Andrology

Cardiology, Radiology, Genetics, Neurophysiology, Endoscopy, Urology and Respiratory make up the entire departments for results reporting.