UK Core Clinical and Technical Assurance Sprint 4 Documentation Pack

UK Core Clinical and Technical Assurance Sprint 4 Documentation Pack

OperationOutcome Delta

There is no Care Connect version of the OperationOutcome. However, there are a range of existing ValueSets in existence such as these examples created by NHSDigital:

  • NHSDigital OperationOutcome Codes
  • eRS API Error Codes
  • Spine Error Or Warning Codes
  • ITK Response Codes

We conducted some initial analysis across these ValueSets and discovered there are some existing challenges to pursue a UK Core ValueSet for OperationOutcome.

Across the ValueSets, there are some examples where there is almost a like-for-like relationship between ValueSet Codes. For example, NHSDigital OperationOutcome Code 'ACCESS_DENIED' and Spine Error Or Warning Code 'ACCESS_DENIED' have the same code name and a very similar meaning. The eRS API Error Code 'NO_ACCESS' has a similiar meaning to the meanings of 'ACCESS_DENIED' although there is ambiguity as to whether access has been denied due to insufficient user authorisation or whether it could be for a different reason such as the feature or system being disabled. Additionally, the ITK Response Code '20012' represents the meaning of 'Unauthorised Sender' which might mean it is related to the above OperationOutcome in terms of the authentication/permission of the user but not in relation to the system functionality.

However, there are some challenging examples where there are some ValueSet Codes that have no possible mapping with any other ValueSets. For example, the NHSDigital OperationOutcome Code 'INVALID_CHECK_DIGIT' is purely in relation to a business process for electronic prescriptions for the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). However, there are no codes in the other ValueSets that directly map to this.

For the C&TA we propose to discuss how can formulate a UK Core ValueSet for OperationOutcome as well as clarify the appetite for this to be handled at the UK Core level.

NHSDigital OperationOutcome Codes

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:

  • Import all codes from CodeSystem Spine-ErrorOrWarningCode
  • Import all codes from CodeSystem EPS-IssueCode
Code System Display
ACCESS_DENIED Access has been denied to process this request
ADDITIONAL_PROPERTIES Additional properties
CLAIM_AMEND_PERIOD_ISSUE Claim amendment is not permitted outside of the claim period
MISSING_DIGITAL_SIGNATURE Digital signature not found
DISPENSE_AMEND_IDENTIFIER_MISMATCH Dispense Amendment/Cancellation Request does not pertain to Last Dispense
DUPLICATE_PRESCRIPTION_ID Duplicate prescription ID exists
INVALID_CHECK_DIGIT Error in check digit
FAILURE_TO_PROCESS_MESSAGE Failure to process message
FORBIDDEN_UPDATE Forbidden update
INVALID_DATE_FORMAT Format of date passed is invalid
SERVICE_DISABLED functionality disabled in spine
CLAIM_INVALID_NOT_DISPENSED Invalid Claim. Prescription is not Dispensed
INVALID_MESSAGE Invalid message
INVALID_SEARCH_DATA Invalid search data
PRESCRIPTION_INVALID_STATE_TRANSITION Invalid State Transition for Prescription
MEDICATIONREQUEST_INVALID_STATE_TRANSITION Invalid State Transition for Prescription Item
INVALID_UPDATE Invalid update
INVALID_VALUE Invalid value
INVALIDATED_RESOURCE Invalidated resource
MISMATCH_AUTHORISED_REPEAT_COUNT Mismatch in authorised repeat counts
NO_MORE_PRESCRIPTIONS No more prescriptions available
INVALID_NUMBER_MEDICATIONREQUESTS Number of items on a prescription should be between 1 and 4
PATIENT_DECEASED Patient is recorded as dead
POLLING_ID_NOT_FOUND Polling ID not found
POLLING_MESSAGE_FAILURE Polling message failure
PRECONDITION_FAILED Precondition failed
PRESCRIPTION_NOT_FOUND Prescription can not be found. Contact prescriber
PRESCRIPTION_CANCELLED Prescription has been cancelled
PRESCRIPTION_DISPENSED Prescription has been dispensed
PRESCRIPTION_EXPIRED Prescription has expired
PRESCRIPTION_WITH_ANOTHER_DISPENSER Prescription is with another dispenser
INVALID_REPEAT_COUNT Repeat count should be between 1 and 99
RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND Resource not found
RESOURCE_VERSION_MISMATCH Resource version mismatch
TOO_FEW_VALUES_SUBMITTED Too few values submitted
TOO_MANY_MATCHES Too many matches
TOO_MANY_VALUES_SUBMITTED Too many values submitted
UNABLE_TO_CALL_SERVICE Unable to call service
UNSUPPORTED_SERVICE Unsupported service
UNSUPPORTED_VALUE Unsupported value
VALIDATION_ERROR Validation error

eRS API Error Codes

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:

  • Import all codes from CodeSystem eRS-APIErrorCode-1
Code System Display
CONFLICTING_VALUES Conflicting values
DUPLICATE_FILENAME The Filename of one of the files that correspond to the IDs supplied exactly matches (including extension) that of an existing file already associated with the referral.
FIELD_NOT_PERMITTED This field, although expected by the operation, is not applicable in some cases due to business rules.
FILE_SIZE_ERROR The file is either empty or too large.
INAPPROPRIATE_VALUE A value, which is acceptable under different conditions, is inappropriate in the context of the other information provided with the request.
INVALID_CODE Invalid code
INVALID_FHIR_STRUCTURE The Spring framework is unable to interpret the provided json as FHIR.
INVALID_STATE A referenced entity in an invalid state for the operation to proceed.
INVALID_VALUE Invalid value
MISSING_VALUE A mandatory input field is missing
NO_ACCESS The current user does not have permission to access one of the entities referenced.
NO_ACCESS_CODE The patient record is missing the access code that is necessary to log onto Manage My Referrals
ORGANISATION_IS_CLOSED The selected organisation is marked as closed
ORGANISATION_NOT_APPROPRIATE The selected organisation is of a type that is not suitable for the operation.
PATHWAY_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE A service listed as a pathway to a restricted service is not compatible with the search criteria or not available to the logged in user because of commissioning or other rules.
PATIENT_ERROR An error occurred while fetching the patient's record from PDS.
REFERENCED_USER_IS_NOT_ACTIVE A user is not marked as active in SDS.
REFERENCED_USER_IS_NOT_RC The referenced user doesn't have the Referring Clinician Role.
REFERENCED_USER_IS_NOT_SPC The referenced user doesn't have the Service Provider Clinician Role.
REFERENCED_USER_NOT_IN_ORG The referenced user is not in the required organisation.
REFERENCE_NOT_FOUND An entity referenced in the body of the request is not found when looked up.
SERVICE_IS_NOT_RESTRICTED The service provided is not restricted for the user.
SERVICE_NOT_IN_RESULTS The restricted service provided is not compatible with the search criteria.
SHORTLISTED_SERVICE_IS_RESTRICTED A service proposed for shortlisting is marked as 'restricted' and is therefore not directly available to the user.
SHORTLISTED_SERVICE_NOT_AUTH_PATHWAY A service proposed for shortlisting is not an authorised pathway service for the restricted service indicated.
SHORTLISTED_SERVICE_NOT_IN_RESULTS A service proposed for shortlisting is not compatible with the search criteria.
SNOMED_NOT_FOUND A SNOMED code, while potentially valid in the latest version of the international dictionary, is not found in the e-RS copy of the dictionary.
TOO_MANY_ITEMS Too many items have been provided in an array or list.
UNEXPECTED_FIELD Unexpected field
VALUE_IS_REQUIRED This fields, although defined as optional, is required in specific cases due to business rules.

Spine Error Or Warning Codes

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:

  • Import all codes from CodeSystem Spine-ErrorOrWarningCode-1
Code System Display
ACCESS DENIED Access has been denied to process this request
ACCESS_DENIED_SSL SSL Protocol or Cipher requirements not met
ASID_CHECK_FAILED The sender or receiver's ASID is not authorised for this interaction
AUTHOR_CREDENTIALS_ERROR Author credentials error
BAD_REQUEST Bad request
CONFLICTING_VALUES Conflicting values have been specified in different fields
DEPRECATED Event message type has been deprecated
DUPLICATE_REJECTED Create would lead to creation of a duplicate resource
FLAG_ALREADY_SET Flag value was already set
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR Unexpected internal server error
INVALID_CODE_SYSTEM Invalid code system
INVALID_CODE_VALUE Invalid code value
INVALID_ELEMENT Invalid element
INVALID_IDENTIFIER_SYSTEM Invalid identifier system
INVALID_IDENTIFIER_VALUE Invalid identifier value
INVALID_PARAMETER Invalid parameter
INVALID_PATIENT_DEMOGRAPHICS Invalid patient demographics
INVALID_REQUEST_MESSAGE Invalid request message
INVALID_REQUEST_STATE The request exists but is not in an appropriate state for the call to succeed
INVALID_REQUEST_TYPE The type of request is not supported by the API call
INVALID_RESOURCE Invalid validation of resource
INVALID_VALUE An input field has an invalid value for its type
MESSAGE_NOT_WELL_FORMED Message not well formed
MISSING_OR_INVALID_HEADER There is a required header missing or invalid
MSG_RESOURCE_ID_FAIL Client is not permitted to assign an id
NOT_IMPLEMENTED Not implemented
NO_LONGER_SUPPORTED Event message type is no longer supported
NO_ORGANISATIONAL_CONSENT Organisation has not provided consent to share data
NO_PATIENT_CONSENT Patient has not provided consent to share data
NO_RECORD_FOUND No record found
NO_RELATIONSHIP No legitimate relationship exists with this patient
ORGANISATION_NOT_FOUND Organisation not found
PATIENT_NOT_FOUND Patient not found
PATIENT_SENSITIVE Patient sensitive
PRACTITIONER_NOT_FOUND Practitioner not found
REFERENCE_NOT_FOUND Reference not found
REQUEST_UNMATCHED Request does not match authorisation token
RESOURCE_CREATED New resource created
RESOURCE_DELETED Resource removed
RESOURCE_UPDATED Resource has been successfully updated
UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE Unsupported media type
WITHDRAWN Event message type has been withdrawn

ITK Response Codes

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:

  • Import all codes from CodeSystem ITK-ResponseCodes-1
Code System Display
10001 Handling Specification Error
10002 Infrastructure Level Response Value - Processing Error
10003 Business Level Response Value - Processing Error
10004 Message Definition Value - Processing Error
10005 Message Definition Version Value - Processing Error
10007 Sender Reference Value - Processing Error
10008 Handling Specification Business Rule Error
10009 Unreadable message received
10010 Recipient Type - Processing Error
20001 Unrecognised Recipient Person
20002 Unrecognised Recipient Organisation
20003 Unrecognised Sender
20004 Non-Approved file type received as an attachment
20005 Unsupported file type received as an attachment
20006 ITK header validation failure
20007 Duplicate Message received
20008 Duplicate Document received
20009 Payload validation failure
20010 Unrecognised Payload Recipient Organisation
20011 Unrecognised Payload Recipient Person
20012 Unauthorised Sender
20013 Success
20014 Unable to Process Replacement Document
30001 Patient known here. (e.g. Patient is registered here)
30002 Patient not known here. (aka 'patient record not present in system')
30003 Patient no longer at this clinical setting
30004 Patient known here and recently deceased (i.e. patient record current in GP practice system at time of patient’s death and deduction subsequently occurred for this reason)
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