Profiling Academy

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Profiling is essential to fitting Conformance Resources to your specific needs. Creating and using profiles is essential for setting up client-server communication using FHIR.


The Profiling Academy is the online school for FHIR profiling. The classwork consists of instruction, real world examples and exercises laid out into modules that start with the basics and cover the fundamentals of Profiling.

The Academy was created by a team of profiling experts that have experience working with companies all over the world as a way to capture their experiences and knowledge. It has grown to be a comprehensive instruction about Profiling and will continue to develop in the future.


The Profiling Academy is for anyone who wants to know more about Slicing, Extensions or gain access to the Best Practices of FHIR profiling.

If you would like to create or are using Profiles then this is the place where you can learn more. To get access to the profiling academy all you need is a free account on Simplifier.

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