Welcome to the Profiling Academy!


The Profiling Academy is created for anyone is interested in learning more about profiling. We strive to share our knowledge in a way that’s understandable to all levels of profilers, those just starting out and those that want to fine tune their basic knowledge of profiling. The Profiling Academy consists of short and digestible sections that tackle one topic per module. The modules cover all the ins and outs of profiling and also share FHIR profiling best practices to ensure flawless implementations. The Profiling Academy is available to all profilers, Simplifier users and non-users alike. After going through the modules provided in this course you should have a good understanding of profiling.


Introduction to FHIR and profiling Search operations and parameters Publishing and validating your work Re-slicing
Extensions SDC and questionnaires Best-Practices Advanced search operations
Start Profiling FHIR mapping language Profiling tools Invariants
Slicing Logical models Get started with Simplifier FHIR Messaging
Terminology Contained resources Documents


Why should you learn more about profiling?
By using a variety of different solutions the base resources of FHIR can be customized to the specific needs of the user. For example, profiles can be made from international base resources to be used in Dutch healthcare facilities. This enables a standard of communication between facilities and other organizations as a whole.