The Profiling Academy consists of short and digestible training modules. Each training module tackles one specific topic. Follow all training modules to learn all the ins and outs of FHIR profiling. Each module provided in this training starts with theory, followed by real-life examples. The modules end with exercises to support active learning. To ensure flawless implementations, the training modules also cover FHIR profiling best practices. Complete all training modules to become a FHIR profiling expert yourself.

Select a training module from the modules menu to learn more about a specific topic. Or click on one of the modules in the table below.


Introduction to FHIR and profiling Search operations and parameters Publishing and validating your work Advanced slicing
Extensions SDC and questionnaires Best-Practices Advanced search parameters
Start Profiling FHIR mapping language Profiling tools Custom constraints
Slicing Logical models Get started with Simplifier FHIR Messaging
Terminology Contained resources Documents