Feature movies


Our YouTube channel contains short videos explaining concepts and features of our FHIR products. Our goal is to provide guidance on how to use our products. More videos will be added in the near future.

Links and descriptions of the available videos are shown below.



Simplifier.net Share is an easy to use feature that enables you to quickly share any FHIR resource without the need to create a project. Copy and paste any FHIR XML or JSON into it, and Simplifier.net renders it for you and allows you to validate it. Use the URL to share your results. This video shows you how!
How to setup a project part 1

In this video, Ashley first talks about the concept of Projects on Simplifier.net. She shows a public project on Simplifier.net and explains some of the features you have as a non-Simplifier member. After this video you should be ready to create your own project.
How to setup a project part 2

In this second part, Ashley demonstrates how to setup your own project on Simplifier.net. Among other things, the video shows how to add project members and resources to your project. Watch the video to see how you can setup your FHIR Simplifier.net project in a couple of minutes!
The basics of resources

Learn the concept of resources on Simplifier. Ashley shows you how to find resources and touches the basics of the Simplifier features related to resources.
Forge Simplifier integration

Learn how to edit your resources on Simplifier.net using Forge.
Getting started with the IG editor

This video demonstrates how to create and edit implementation guides using the web based IG editor of Simplifier.net.