This version of the PS-CA Implementation Guide has been superseded by a newer version. A full list of versions & releases of the PS-CA Implementation Guide may be found at Guides.

The profiles in this specification leverage value sets from both the IPS-UV guide as well as value sets that have been developed according to the principles identified in the Terminology Approach.

Usage Guidance:

Several referenced ValueSets are not available at their canonical URL (e.g., CVC published value sets) or on the terminology servers used in IG publication (i.e., tx.fhir.org).

Primarily, this impacts validation against Canada Health Infoway-hosted ValueSets during development of derived Implementation Guides. (This doesn't affect deployed systems, since, in that environment, instances will be validated against locally present valuesets.)

For several of these ValueSets, "stub" resources have been created to stand-in for the unresolvable ValueSets. These stub value sets include pointers to the locations where the full set of values can be downloaded.

Current guidance is to manually download the referenced valuesets from, for example, the Terminology Gateway and Canadian Vaccine Catalogue.

Value Sets

Each value set is followed by an indication of the binding strength and path to which it is bound:

  • BindingStrength: R - required; X - extensible; P - preferred; E - example
  • Binding Path:
    • C - ValueSet is bound to the CodeableConcept or Coding element
    • OS - ValueSet is bound to an optional (i.e., minimal cardinality 0) slice
    • RS - ValueSet is bound to a required (i.e., minimal cardinality 1) slice
Profile Element Encouraged Global Value Set (if applicable) Proposed Pan-Canadian Value Set(s)
AllergyIntolerance (PS-CA) verificationStatus AllergyIntoleranceVerificationStatus (R/RS) AllergyIntoleranceStatusCode (R/OS)
AllergyIntolerance (PS-CA) code Allergy intolerance substance condition - IPS (P/C), Allergy intolerance substance condition (GPS) - IPS (R/OS), Absent or Unknown Allergies - IPS (R/OS) SubstanceAndPharmaceuticalBiologicProductCode (R/OS)
AllergyIntolerance (PS-CA) reaction.manifestation Allergy Reaction (GPS) - IPS (R/OS) ClinicalFindingCode (R/OS)
Condition (PS-CA) severity Problem Severity - IPS (P/C) SeverityCode (R/OS)
Condition (PS-CA) code Condition/Problem/Diagnosis Codes (E/C), CORE Problem List Finding/Situation/Event (GPS) - IPS (R/OS), Absent or Unknown Problems - IPS (R/OS) ClinicalFindingCode (R/OS)
Condition (PS-CA) bodySite AnatomicalOrAcquiredBodyStructureCode (P/C)
Immunization (PS-CA) vaccineCode Vaccines - IPS (P/C), Vaccines (GPS) - IPS (R/OS), WHO ATC - IPS (R/OS), Absent or Unknown Immunization - IPS (R/OS) CVCTradename (R/OS)
" " " CVCGeneric (R/OS)
Immunization (PS-CA) site Target Site - IPS (P/C) CVCAnatomicalSite (R/OS)
Immunization (PS-CA) route Medicine Route of Administration - IPS (P/C) CVCRouteOfAdmin (R/OS)
Immunization (PS-CA) protocolApplied.targetDisease Vaccine Target Diseases - IPS (P/C), Vaccine Target Diseases (GPS) - IPS (R/OS) CVCDisease (R/OS)
Medication (PS-CA) code Medications (example) - IPS (E/C), WHO ATC - IPS (R/OS), Medications (SNOMED CT) - IPS (R/OS) PrescriptionMedicinalProduct (R/OS)
Medication (PS-CA) form Medicine Doseform - IPS (P/C) PharmaceuticalDoseFormCode (R/OS)
Medication (PS-CA) ingredient.itemCodeableConcept Medicine Active Substances - IPS (P/C) DrugOrMedicamentSubstanceCode (R/OS)
MedicationRequest (PS-CA) medicationCodeableConcept SNOMED CT Medication Codes (E/C) PrescriptionMedicinalProduct (E/C)
MedicationRequest (PS-CA) dosageInstruction.route Medicine Route of Administration - IPS (P/C) RouteOfAdministration (P/C)
MedicationStatement (PS-CA) medicationCodeableConcept Absent or Unknown Medication - IPS (X/OS) PrescriptionMedicinalProduct (P/C)
MedicationStatement (PS-CA) dosage.route Medicine Route of Administration - IPS (P/C) RouteOfAdministration (R/OS)
Patient (PS-CA) contact.relationship PersonalRelationshipUvIps (R/C)
Procedure (PS-CA) code Procedures - IPS (P/C), Absent or Unknown Procedures - IPS (R/OS) ProcedureCode (R/OS)

Code Systems


Global Patient Set (GPS) Value Set

A value set representing the full SNOMED CT Global Patient Set (https://www.snomed.org/snomed-international/learn-more/global-patient-set) (GPS) is available in the terminology.hl7.org (THO) CI build as an extensionally defined (i.e., enumerated) FHIR ValueSet resource instance for the convenience of implementers.

An intensionally defined (i.e., query based) FHIR ValueSet resource and contents (value set expansion results) of the FHIR implicit value set based on the SNOMED CT GPS set may also be obtained from the SNOMED International Snowstorm FHIR server via: https://snowstorm-fhir.snomedtools.org/fhir/ValueSet?url=http://snomed.info/valueSet/GPS&_pretty=true https://snowstorm-fhir.snomedtools.org/fhir/ValueSet/$expand?url=http://snomed.info/sct?fhir_vs=refset/787778008&_pretty=true

Note: Be aware of potential version differences between the GPS value set representations and contents hosted by HL7 and SNOMED International.