MedicationRequest (PS-CA)

This version of the PS-CA Implementation Guide has been superseded by a newer version. A full list of versions & releases of the PS-CA Implementation Guide may be found at Guides.

Additional information on this profile (including the JSON & XML structure and detailed element descriptions) can be found at Medication Request (PS-CA)


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Key Differences between the IPS-UV and PS-CA

Must Support Differences:

The following elements are considered "must support" in the IPS-UV specification that are relaxed in this version of the PS-CA profile:

  • MedicationRequest.requester

  • MedicationRequest.dosageInstruction.timing

  • MedicationRequest.dispenseRequest.validtityPeriod and sub-elements

    Note: Systems that support these elements are encouraged to send them in patient summaries

Cardinality Differences:

  • MedicationRequest.dispenseRequest.validityPeriod minimum cardinality and associated invariant on extension removed.

Vocabulary Differences:

  • MedicationRequest.medicationCodeableConcept: the base FHIR example SNOMED CT medication value set is replaced by PrescriptionMedicinalProduct

Other differences between the IPS and PS-CA Include:

  • MedicationRequest: comment added describing resource origin
  • MedicationRequest.medicationCodeableConcept: comment added on possible future use of coded values.
  • MedicationRequest.dosageInstruction.route: IPS datatype profile removed