Change Log

The following summarizes changes made to the PS-CA Implementation Guide. Changes to the accompanying Pan-Canadian Patient Summary Interoperability Specifications, and companion guides, are provided in those documents.

PS-CA Implementation Guide - Version 0.0.4

PS-CA Implementation Guide - Version 0.0.3

After initial publication of PS-CA version 0.0.3, critical early feedback was incorporated directly into version 0.0.3. The current version 0.0.3 implementation guide (and PS-CA FHIR package) reflects those updates. Those updates include:

  • Value set naming convention change to align to updates in Terminology Gateway (adding code at the end and updated descriptions):
    • ProcedureCode
    • SeverityCode
    • SubstanceAndPharmaceuticalBiologicProductCode
      • DrugorMedicamentSubstanceCode
      • PharmaceuticalBiologicProductCode
    • ClinicalFindingCode
    • AnatomicalOrAquiredBodyStructureCode
    • AllergyIntoleranceStatusCode
    • PharmaceuticalDoseFormCode
  • Slices and Stub value sets Created for Canadian Vaccine Catalogue to ensure consistent approach for external value sets
  • Removal of code system from identifier.type in JPID slice on Patient (PS-CA) profile while we await the inclusion of the value by the UTUG Working Group
  • Correction of comment on that incorrectly stated it was not a Must Support element in IPS-UV
  • Replaced value set in codeAllergyCA slice with new substanceandpharmaceuticalbiologiccode value set in Terminology Gateway, as outcome of alignment discussions with PS-ON
  • CCDD identified as preferred value set over PharmaceuticalBiologicProduct value set - determined through discussions with Infoway terminology team and Participating Jurisdictions
  • Replaced combination value set: PropensityAndAllergicCondition, with combination value set: SubstanceAndPharmaceuticalBiologicProductCode
  • Various narrative updates including spelling and grammar corrections