Alignment with the Canadian Baseline

The PS-CA specification attempts to profile in a way that allows the patient summaries (instances) to be conformant to the Canadian Baseline specification without having to formally derive from the profiles in the specification.

In places where profiling of the PS-CA uncovers challenges with the CA Baseline (e.g., CA Baseline requiring an element as Must Support that is not in the PS-CA or IPS-UV) these challenges are noted but should be resolved at the CA Baseline-level according to the established due diligence review criteria.

Use of CA Baseline Profiles

Currently, CA Baseline profiles are used for the references to Practitioner, PractitionerRole, and Organization in the Composition profile.

The references to the CA Baseline profiles will remain until, or unless, additional requirements identify a need to apply constraints that go beyond what is defined in the CA Baseline profiles.