Content Not Supported Profiles (PS-CA)

Three new profiles have been developed in this specification to balance the need to conform to the Composition.section requirements of the IPS-UV specification with the concern that some Canadian vendors may not be capable of producing the required sections due to technical limitations or jurisdictional policies.

The following "contentNotSupported" profiles are intended for systems that wholistically cannot produce content for the profiles in these sections.

These profiles are being put forward as an alternative to the existing pattern in IPS-UV for communicating that a concept is absent/unknown, because that pattern does not adequately address systems that are at a lower maturity in supporting the full set of patient summary sections and their respective profiles. The IPS approach is challenging because, the IPS absent/unknown code system (IPSCodeSystemAbsentUnknown) doesn't include the concept of "not supported," and the Must Support requirements of the relevant IPS profiles still apply when a section is marked absent/unknown.

These profiles are maintained exclusively for this scenario and expect to be removed in a later version when the ability for systems to support those sections is met.

Note: Feedback is requested on the support of this pattern from the vendor/solution community to determine feasibility. This approach is likely to evolve as Canada and other national implementations work with the IPS-UV team to identify a pattern for national implementors to account for differing levels of domain prioritization early on in adoption.