IHE Mobile Medication Administration

The IHE Mobile Medication Administration supplement introduces a new generation of interoperability mechanisms to be used in distributed and mobile medication workflows, namely in the requesting and registering of administration of medication, in mobile systems or otherwise distributed systems.

Some devices that will benefit from implemeting this profile:

  • Smartphone medication apps
  • Professional tablet apps for nurses in daycare
  • Smart pill boxes
  • Other professional or personal applications or devices for handling medication, e.g a programmable pump for insulin or chemotherapy treatments.

This profile supports the administration of medication by establishing a standard way to:

  1. transmit the instructions for administration
  2. register and report the administration of medication

The Mobile Medication Administration profile is intended to be compatible with hospital settings, but also community settings on a mobile environment, or where CDA documents are not used. For CDA documents, refer to the IHE CMA profile.

The MMA Profile enables mobile and lightweight web applications to exchange medication schedules and the report of medication intake, thus contributing for the 5 rights of medication use. This mobile profile supports patients to register their medication, supporting adherence enforcing and monitoring.

The use cases for MMA are:

  • An application for a home care nurse, that receives the requests and informs the nurse about the medications that each patient is scheduled to take in a given period, and where the nurse can register the planned (as above) or unplanned administration of medication
  • An application for patients to receive updated medication instructions on their mobile device and / or register the use of medication, e.g. by scanning the barcodes.

This supplement is fully compliant with the HL7 FHIR specification, providing only use-case driven constraints to aid with interoperability, deterministic results, and compatibility with existing Profiles.