Master Person Index R4

API requirements

API requirements of the Person Information service. This is a rendering of the CapabilityStatement for the Grunndata R4 server requirements. PersonServerRequirements

RESTful Interactions

DescriptionThe server must support a subset of the FHIR restful interactions described by HL7. Some special notes concerning the Capabilities offered by the server can be found in the ImplementationGuide for the service. ## Limiting the search result ### The server expects _elements The server expects all read and search interactions to use the _elements operation specifying what elements should be included in the search result. In the case where the _elements operation is missing a resouce containing only the identifier element is returned. ### To limit the returned resource instances the FHIR server supports the use of the _elements operation. The operation MUST be added to any search to limit the information returned in the search result like this ``` GET ```

Resource TypeProfileSearchTypeReadVread

Search Parameters per resource type


_idtokenSearch on Person by logical id of the Resource: ``` GET [base]/Person?_id=[id] GET [base]/Person/[id] ```SHALL
identifiertokenSearch on Person.identifier: POST [base]/Person/_search parameters in HTTP body: identifier=[system]|[code] Example: POST [base]/Person/_search parameters in HTTP body: identifier=urn:oid:2.16.578.1....SHALL
namestringSearch on GET [base]/Person?name=[string]SHALL
birthdatedateSearch on Person.birthdate: GET [base]/Person?birthdate=[date]SHALL
middlenamestringSearchParameter for the Norwegian middlename extension
givenstringSearch on Person.given name: GET [base]/Person?given=[string]SHALL
familystringSearch on name: GET [base]/Person?family=[string]SHALL


_idtokenSearch on RelatedPerson by logical id of the Resource: GET [base]/RelatedPerson?_id=[id] or GET [base]/RelatedPerson/[id]SHALL
identifiertokenSearch on RelatedPerson.identifier: POST [base]/RelatedPerson/_search parameters in HTTP body: identifier=[system]|[code] Example: POST [base]/RelatedPerson/_search parameters in HTTP body: identifier...SHALL
patientreferenceSearch on RelatedPerson.patient reference: GET [base]/RelatedPerson?patient=Person/[id]SHALL
relationshiptokenSearch on relationshiptype RelatedPerson.relationship: GET [base]/RelatedPerson?relationship=[system]|[code]Supported