Provenance REST Interactions

Each Provenance resource document an event that changed another resource instance. The provenance information and services enables the consumers of person information to keep person information in local software solutions up-to-date with the information recorded in the master person index.


All provenance records for a specific person:

A provenance record and the Person record referenced in Provenance:target:

All provenance records recorded since a specific timepoint sorted on recorded date:


The server records the full history of the Person and RelatedPerson resources within a specified period. Every record in the history of a Person document will have a separate version number and can be accessed by searching for a specific version of the Person document. A full history of the Person document can be accessed using the _history interaction. Usin the id of the Person:

GET [base]/Person/123/_history
GET [base]/RelatedPerson/456/_history/5

Or using the identifier. (This interaction would require a POST operation, as described in the Person/RelatedPerson REST interaction pages on the final production services):

GET [base]/Patient/?identifier=312480&_history

The first interaction asks for all historic instances of Person with id=123

The second interaction ask for the RelatedPerson document with id=456 and version number = 5

The third interaction asks for the history of the patient with identifier = 312480