Person REST interactions

The chapter gives some examples of how to retreive information from the REST interface provided by the Grunndata Person. The results are always formatted according to the FHIR profiles, details about the information structure of the returned information can be found in the Person information or GdPerson

Examples of REST interactions

The full list of available search parameters supported by the Person Grunndata service is documented in the CapabilityStatement. The following documentation are examples only and does not provide information about all search parameters. The full list of search parameters can be found here Read and Search

Get person information based on Identifier

You can search for person information based on the identifier of the person (FNR or DNR). The search interaction on Identifiers SHOULD only use the POST operation to prevent the identifier from being recorded in HTTP logs. The search parameters should be provided in the body of the message.

POST [base]/Person/_search

parameters in HTTP body: 

cURL code for this transaction:

curl -X POST -d identifier=urn%3Aoid%3A2.16.578. 

Search person information based on name

Search on a name string or a separate given, family or middlename is supported by the platform.

GET [base]/Person?name=[string]
GET [base]/Person?name=Espen

Search on combination of search parameters

For example a search on name string and address information.


Limiting the search result to elements of interest

To limit the returned resource instances the FHIR server supports the use of the _elements operation.

The operations can be added to any search to limit the information returned in the search result like this:

GET [base]/Person?name=Espen&_elements=name,address