This is the technical FHIR implementation guide based on HL7® FHIR® version R4.

This Guide is divided into several pages.:

  • pagelink:index,text:Home}}: The home page provides the introduction and background.
  • pagelink:overview,text:Overview}}: The Overview page provides the sitemap of this IG.
  • Data Types:
    • pagelink:primitivedatatypes}}: Simple / primitive types, which are single elements with a primitive value
    • pagelink:complexdatatypes}}: General-purpose complex types, which are re-usable clusters of elements
  • pagelink:index-duplicate-2,text:FHIR Profiles}}
  • pagelink:index-duplicate-3,text:Extensions}}
  • pagelink:index-duplicate-4,text:Terminology}}
  • Developer
  • pagelink:security,text:Security}}
  • Support