As SNOMED-CT is the preferred coding in the Belgian context and supported by the FPS Health, it SHALL be clear there are some strict rules concerning its usage in a FHIR context as defined by the FHIR specifications and they can be found on the HL7 pages.

This page does not aim to be exhaustive concerning the use of SNOMED-CT in FHIR but only lists some attention points that are in those specifications.

  • Only SNOMED-CT Concept ID’s and SNOMED-CT expressions are valid in FHIR.
  • The HL7 datatypes description contains some examples of SNOMED-CT expressions and how to use it in combination with other coding systems.
  • Besides the pages describing specific SNOMED-CT usage, implementers SHALL also take note of the recommendations concerning SNOMED-CT use in the Observation resource, in particular, the different patterns that are described.