Notably used in the Patient and Practioner resource.

Special remarks for KMEHR users:
This information is typically retrieved in the KMEHR element <telecom>. That element uses both KMEHR tables CD-TELECOM (in its version 1.0) and CD-ADDRESS (in its version 1.1) to describe the actual telecom value.

Please take extra note of the accepted range of FHIR values in the ‘system’ and ‘use’ fields as FHIR uses its own tables to express this content. Further information about the functional meanings concerning the FHIR valueset can be found on its official page.

Take extra note of the way a mobile phone is expressed in KMEHR vs. FHIR.

careaddress N/A, use value ‘temp.’ Also RECOMMENDED to add a ‘period.’ Please note when needed to express the availablity of a Patient at home (e.g. only Wednesdays), another solution will be defined in a future IG.
home home
other N/A, use value ‘temp.’ Also RECOMMENDED to add a ‘period’
vacation N/A, use value ‘temp.’ Also RECOMMENDED to add a ‘period’
work work
N/A old (RECOMMENDED to also use ‘period’ when using this)
N/A (cfr. table CD-TELECOM) mobile (cfr. next table)
N/A temp (RECOMMENDED to also use ‘period’ when using this)
email email
fax fax
mobile N/A (use ‘phone’ from this table + ‘mobile’ in table supra. In case of doubt or when needed to specifically specify it is a work or private mobile, it is RECOMMENDED to use ‘phone’ with ‘home’ or ‘work’.)
phone phone
N/A pager
N/A url
N/A sms
N/A other