Open Issues

Editor: This section will go away or be moved and re-formatted before publication ... but is a handy place to capture To Do's ...

These are open issues that need to be addressed within the IG ...

  1. Explain 11073 Static & Dynamic vs. "metric" updates (incl. communicating containment info vs. observations that are sent more frequently)
  2. Address 11073 object Data Elements, Services/Actions, Events
  3. Add Location tracking use case
  4. Patient-Device Associaiton Management Use Case (including IHE PCD PCIM and DMC profiles)
  5. Point-to-Point vs. Server Based interfacing
  6. Device configurations in FHIR? (IOW to simply communicate device DIM configurations)
  7. ADD Device examples, such as a physio monitor ... somewhere, such as currently at See also Profiles
  8. Include maintaining origional 11073_MDC code w/ any mappings
  9. Mapping of 11073_DIM UoM & UCUM
  10. Include discussion about device specializations being based on this general IG, using IG Dependency data element(s)
  11. Link from device to patient discussion (not just implantables)
  12. Include profile versioning (Stefan)
  13. Bundles: one vs. multiple devices; one vs. multiple patients, etc.
  14. Include Future plans for an Preeclampsia During Pregnancy IG

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