IHE Patient Care Device (PCD) Profiles

The IHE PCD domain has developed profiles for conveying acute care device data with context using HL7 V2. The base information system and nomenclature are based on the IEEE 11073 Medical Device Communications standards, also used in this FHIR Implementation Guide.

These profiles cover Device Enterprise Communications (DEC), reporting device observations to enterprise systems including near-real-time charting to electronic medical records, clinical decision support systems and patient data archive systems. That is similar to the scope of this FHIR Implementation Guide.

A planned future FHIR use case for the Devices on FHIR group is the near-real-time communication of physiological and technical alerts to clinicians, and internal device status and state transition information for systems designed to process such information. This is similar to IHE PCD Alert Communication Management and Infusion Pump Event Communication profiles.

Other PCD profiles include Implantable Device Cardiac Observations, Point-of-Care Infusion Verification.