The COVID-19 Simplifier Project.contains FHIR resources used in Dedalus' COVID-19 Solution software, covering patient self-assessment, remote Practitioner-driven clinical assessment and telemedicine/self-monitoring.

  • We’re building a solution that could be used world-wide, but controlled by single institutions: it’s not a cloud-based single installation, every customer will have its own environment
  • First activations will be in Italy and France, so the focus is mainly there currently

Main use cases are:

  • The self-assessment of a patient that replaces the phone calls and provides a first filter criteria for healthcare operators (decide who to call back to complete the assessment, with which priority)
  • Managing the clinical assessment and subsequent exams (swab, other) for patients whose epidemiological assessment have already been completed by some institution (a GP or other depending on their organization, the patient itself via the before-mentioned web app) as well as track the clinical outcome defined for them (home-quarantine, admission to intensive care or non-intensive care, etc…)
  • Track the subsequent telemedicine process (start it or not, what to track, share results on a scheduled basis) for home-quarantined subjects
  • As an alternative to telemedicine, let Patients use another web-app to self-monitor some clinical parameters (vital signs) and report them periodically to thier reference

Specification Map

The following map helps understand which resources are mainly involved in which use case: