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eAfspraak Appointment

An appointment including the location and reason for contact. This is used to provide information about a planned meeting that may be in the future or past. Examples include a scheduled surgery, a follow-up for a clinical visit, a scheduled conference call between clinicians to discuss a case, the reservation of a piece of diagnostic equipment for a particular use, etc. The visit scheduled by an appointment may be in person or remote (by phone, video conference, etc.) All that matters is that the time and usage of one or more individuals, locations and/or pieces of equipment is being fully or partially reserved for a designated period of time. This definition takes the concepts of appointments in a clinical setting and also extends them to be relevant in the community healthcare space, and to ease exposure to other appointment / calendar standards widely used outside of healthcare. This profile is also used for the Dutch Health and Care Information model PlannedCareActivityForTransfer version 3.1
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